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NFT reward

To claim the NFT reward, follow the referral linkyou have been provided. If you don't have an account follow the instruction below

1. Create a new NEAR account using “vSelf onboarding”

vSelf is built on the NEAR protocol and uses its system of authentication. In NEAR, users have human-readable names as addresses, similar to handlers on social networks. To know more about the NEAR account system, check out the article.

If you don't have an account on NEAR or have only an implicit one (e.g. 98793cd91a3f870fb126f662858[...]), you can easily create it with our onboarding system.

Follow the steps:

1. Go to vSelf Onboard page directly or choose Products/Onboarding to NEAR from our main page.

2. In the onboarding form, you will see detailed instructions on the account name format. Type in the name that you want to create (e.g., bestnearuser.near). Note that any account name should end with .near and be between 3 and 64 characters. It can't contain characters "@" or "."

3. Once you've chosen the preferred name, press “Claim NEAR account”. If the name is already taken, you will see an error message. In this case, return to Step 2 and try a different one.

Once your account is created, you get a confirmation message.

4. Now comes the most important step: save your seed phrase. This phrase is your password to the NEAR account. In NEAR, no one is keeping a copy of your seed phrase. If it is lost, you won't be able to recover it. Write it down on paper and store it in a safe place, or choose your own way to keep it.

Now you're all set! This pair - NEAR account and seed phrase - will allow you to access your NEAR account from any applications and wallets that use it. To sign in to vSelf and use its products, click the “Sign In” button and follow the instructions from the next section.

2. Sign in with NEAR

vSelf allows authenticating with a community-curated list of wallets native to the NEAR ecosystem. You can use the “Sign In” button on the onboarding page or at the upper right corner of any vSelf screen.

1. To sign in, we will redirect you to the wallet selector modal, where you choose a wallet that you trust to manage your account (more information on these wallets can be found below in this section). By default, it suggests signing in with MyNearWallet.

Note that it's also possible to sign out once you have logged in. In case you don't have a NEAR account, follow our free onboarding process from Section 1 and claim your account.

2. In the wallet, choose the “Import Account” option and go to “Passphrase” method of authorization.

3. Type your sees phrase consisting of 12 words with spaces between them. You will see your NEAR account name.

4. Press “Next” and “Connect” to return to the vSelf page.

5. Once authorization is successful, you will see your NEAR account name in the upper right corner of the vSelf pages.

NEAR Wallets

Currently, we support four different wallets (which you will be redirected to for sign-in flow)

1. NearWallet is a legacy solution by a NEAR foundation which is kept until the transition to MyNearWallet is adopted. (most existing NEAR users would have at least one account managed there)

2. MyNearWallet is a newer and fancier version of NearWallet, i.e. developed by the same team. This is the recommended way as it’s well-tested and user-friendly.

3. Ledger is a well-known battle-tested hardware wallet for more experienced users.

4. The sender is a new wallet in the NEAR ecosystem implemented as a Chrome browser extension (Metamask-like experience)

3. Claim NFT badge

To claim the NFT reward, follow the referral link you have been provided. Make sure you have authorisation with the NEAR account that you want to claim NFT for. Note that these NFTs are non-transferable and will stay with the account.

1. The claim link will take you to the confirmation page. Press “Claim” to proceed.

2. If you don’t have access to the address provided, you will get an error message. To sign in with your NEAR account, follow the instructions from Section 2.

3. If your claim is successful, you get a confirmation message

4. To see your reward, you should open the NEAR wallet of your choice (e.g., MyNearWallet) using the same NEAR account. Go to the Collectibles section to make sure your NFT successfully landed. Welcome to the community!

NFT reward

To claim the NFT reward, follow the referral linkyou have been provided. To see your NFT, sign in with your account at MyNearWallet or vRanda

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