vSelf is a web3 identity wallet with personal provenance and rewards for data sharing.


At this stage, we’re subsidizing onboarding to the NEAR ecosystem. If you want to create a new NEAR account, go to the Onboard page, choose a human-readable name like “myname.near” and we’ll help to register a new account.

Authorization / Wallets

vSelf supports authorization through several NEAR wallets. To get more details, take a look at our guide.

Shareable profiles

To show your contacts a Linktree-like page with your NEAR NFTS, fill in the form and upload pieces of your collection that tell your unique story.


In vSelf platform, we propose to set up your web3 events - a shareable collection of non-transferable NFTs that you can issue as poaps, kudos, or other rewards to your audience. Your community can collect NFTs using our application (if your event is whitelisted) or directly through claim links.

Mobile App

The app is used for verified partners and helps to gamify online and offline events.

Setting Up

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FAQ & Platform Overview

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Mobile Application

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Mobile App

Web Application

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